The Polish premiere of Another Day of Life at the 18th New Horizons IFF

Another Day of Life
Retrospectives: Pedro Costa and João César Monteiro Presentation of Polish films - New Horizons’ Polish Days Goes to Cannes

Another Day of Life by Damian Nenow and Raúl de la Fuente made its world premiere at the Cannes Festival, where it received great reviews from both viewers and the international press. The Polish premiere of the film, based on a book by Ryszard Kapuściński, will take place during the 18th New Horizons International Film Festival.

Another Day of Life was inspired by the famous book of the same name by one of the masters of reportage, Ryszard Kapuściński, who describes his journey into the heart of darkness, Angola in 1975, which had been plunged into the chaos of war. Combining techniques used in animation, documentary and feature films, Nenow and de la Fuente created a work that is both intimidating and hypnotically engaging. The main protagonist, Kapuściński himself, introduces us to the reality of the paradoxes of war, something that forces viewers to calibrate their moral compass.

Marcin Pieńkowski, the artistic director of the New Horizons International Film Festival, had this to say: “This is a fascinating, bravura animation that will remain with the viewer for a very long time after watching it. I haven't seen a film in a long time was able to depict war in such a vivid and evocative way. I'm happy that this visionary film will have its Polish premiere at New Horizons. I think it has a great chance at an Oscar nomination next year.”

After its world premiere in Cannes, the prestigious Hollywood Reporter described Another Day of Life as "a visually striking piece of rare immediacy and power."

Searching, an astonishing thriller and Sundance award winner

The program for the 18th New Horizons International Film Festival will also include Searching, the winner of the NEXT section at the latest Sundance Film Festival. Aneesh Chaganty's film adds a new chapter to the history of genre cinema: the director managed to make a thriller that is fascinating not only in terms of its innovative approach (we only see a computer or smartphone screen) but also its thoughtful editing and first-rate drama.

The Wife and its star-studded cast

Viewers at the 18th New Horizons International Film Festival will have a chance to see The Wife, starring Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce and Christian Slater. Directed by Björn Runge, the film is an adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same name by Meg Wolitzer. Screened at the Toronto Festival, among other places, The Wife turned out to be ahead of its time, as it foreshadowed the recent scandal that has cast a dark cloud over the Swedish Academy. In the film, we see the story of a woman who decides to leave her husband the day before he is to receive a Nobel Prize. The film gives a voice to women in the shadow of "great men," and the Close’s outstanding performance really brings out the power of the story.

The Field Guide to Evil, a new horror directed by Agnieszka Smoczyńska and Peter Strickland, among others

International filmmakers join forces in an innovative story inspired by folk legends. The Field Guide to Evil, which will be part of the program at the 18th New Horizons International Film Festival is made up of eight segments of horror that present traditional stories about fears, monsters and evil that can attack when least expected. The individual parts were directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala (Goodnight Mommy), Peter Strickland (The Duke of Burgundy, Berberian Sound Studio), Katrin Gebbe (Nothing Bad Can Happen), Can Evrenol (Baskin, Housewife), Calvin Reeder (The Rambler), Ashim Ahluwalia (Miss Lovely, Daddy) and Yannis Veslemes (Norway). The director of the Polish part is Agnieszka Smoczyńska, whose Fugue made it into the program at this year's Cannes Festival. The Field Guide to Evil premiered at SXSW in the United States.

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