A Sunday in the Country near Wrocław in 2017 – participants and guests

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A collaboration of Wrocław's T-Mobile New Horizons IFF and the European Film Academy (EFA), the 6th edition of 'A Sunday in the Country' gathers a dozen of young film journalists from Europe for a retretat/workshop in the first weekend of the festival. 

The participants gather for 3 days in a remote country house near Wrocław (Zagórze Śląskie on Bystrzyckie Lake) where they get to know each other, watch films and discuss them, meet special guests (filmmakers brought by the New Horizons) and talk about issues such as: What's the responsibility, if there is one, of a critic towards (national) film productions? And towards the reader? What is the reality for film critics in different countries? They exchange their professional experiences and build international relations.

In 2017 A Sunday in the Country in Wrocław will take place during the 17th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF from August 5th till 8th.

For the 6th edition of the exceptional retreat-get-together 11 participants have been selected from 9 different countries: Austria (Franziska Bechtold), Denmark (Samina Jakobsen), the Netherlands (Hugo Emmerzael), Israel (Shani Kiniso), Germany (Karl-Leontin Beger), Portugal (Tiago Silva), Romania (Andra Petrescu) and Italy (Edoardo Becattini) and including 3 Poles: Piotr Czerkawski, Sebastian Smoliński and Patrycja Mucha.

They participants will work and network under the guidance of the established critic from the Austrian Celluloid Magdalena Miedl as well as co-ordinators of the New Horizons Association and EFA. They will meet established filmmakers-guests of the New Horizons FF, jury members Hadas Ben Aroya and Gaston Solnicki as well as the director of The Ornithologist Joao Pedro Rodrigues and author of 78/52 documentary, Alexandre O. Philippe.

The event is supported by the Polish Film Institute, Austrian Cultural Forum, Camoes Institute, Danish Cultural Center, the Embassy of the Netherlands, Italian Cultural Institute, Romanian Institute of Culture, Polish Cultural Institutes in Berlin and Tel Aviv, blog.filmpolska.de, Kulturbrauerei e.V. and organized in collaboration with Krzysztof Mętrak Award for young critics.

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